World Scout Chairman Declares Scouts ‘Smarter’ at Abuja Jamboree

In a gathering that radiated youthful enthusiasm and global camaraderie, Mr. Andrew Chapman, Chairman of the World Organization of the Scouts Movement, made a bold assertion at the opening of a five-day jamboree in Abuja. Mr. Chapman stated that being a Scout not only fosters unity but also imbues its members with intelligence, rendering them smarter than their peers in society.

World Scout Chairman Declares Scouts 'Smarter' at Abuja Jamboree
World Scout Chairman Declares Scouts ‘Smarter’ at Abuja Jamboree

Addressing the spirited crowd, Mr. Chapman emphasized the transformative power of the Scout movement, attributing its benefits to the cultivation of peaceful coexistence and a heightened intellect. He underscored the versatility of Scout training, asserting its efficacy in securing job opportunities and instilling a profound sense of global citizenship.

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Accompanying Mr. Chapman on this visit to Nigeria was Mr. Frederick Kamakama, Director of the Africa Sub Region, who echoed sentiments of encouragement and support for the burgeoning Scouts in the nation.

Mr. David Awunah, Chief Commissioner of Scouts in Nigeria, elaborated on the inclusive nature of Scout membership, revealing that individuals as young as four years old can embark on their journey, honing their skills through a comprehensive training regimen.

As the jamboree commenced, participants expressed their anticipation for the enriching experience ahead. Mr. Isaac Unger from Benue state and Miss Nwachukwu Adanne Rachael from Enugu state echoed sentiments of excitement and readiness to embrace the forthcoming training.

The highlight of the event was the presence of world leaders of the Scouts Movement, who convened in Nigeria to partake in the jamboree, uniting 36 states and over 1500 participants. Notably, President Bola Tinubu and other esteemed dignitaries were honored with awards for their contributions to society.

The opening ceremony culminated in a captivating march past by the young Scouts, leaving onlookers in awe of their unity and discipline, emblematic of the timeless values upheld by the Scout movement.

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