Wike Pledges Safe Environment for Foreign Investors in Abuja

In a strategic move to boost international investment in Nigeria, Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has vowed to create a secure and peaceful environment for foreign investors. This commitment was articulated during his meetings with the Rwandan High Commissioner to Nigeria, Christophe Bazivamo, and the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, Annika Hahn-Englund.

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Wike Pledges Safe Environment for Foreign Investors in Abuja

Wike emphasized the FCT Administration’s achievements in infrastructure and security, expressing gratitude to the envoys for recognizing these efforts. He assured that Abuja is prepared to welcome investors from Rwanda and Sweden, reflecting a broader strategy to attract foreign capital to Nigeria’s capital.

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Highlighting a directive from President Bola Tinubu, Wike stressed the administration’s dedication to ensuring that all foreign missions in Abuja operate in a secure environment. “Our administration is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the security and infrastructure of Abuja,” Wike stated. “We are keen to support foreign investors and ensure they find a conducive environment to conduct their business.”

The minister outlined ongoing efforts to improve Abuja’s infrastructure, including investments in road networks, public transportation, and digital infrastructure. “Abuja is evolving rapidly, and our goal is to create a city that not only supports its residents but also appeals to global investors,” he said.

During the meetings, potential areas of collaboration were explored. Christophe Bazivamo noted that several Rwandan investors are interested in environmental management projects in Abuja, aligning with Wike’s priorities. “We recognize the importance of sustainable environmental practices,” Wike said, expressing enthusiasm about partnering with Rwandan experts.

Similarly, Annika Hahn-Englund expressed Sweden’s desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Nigeria, highlighting Sweden’s expertise in digital technologies and transportation. “We see great potential for collaboration with Abuja in these sectors,” Hahn-Englund noted.

Wike’s assurances reflect Nigeria’s broader economic strategy, emphasizing the critical role of foreign investments in economic growth, job creation, and technological advancement. “We are not just inviting investments; we are building partnerships that will bring mutual benefits,” Wike emphasized.

Looking ahead, Wike assured that the FCT Administration will continue to collaborate with foreign investors and their countries, aiming to bring in more investments to boost Abuja’s economy. “The future of Abuja is bright,” Wike concluded. “With the support of our international partners, we will continue to build a city that is safe, prosperous, and globally connected.”

This renewed focus on creating an inviting environment for foreign investors marks a strategic move by the Nigerian government to integrate Abuja more deeply into the global economic landscape, promising significant development and innovation for the capital city.

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