Two Female Suspects Arrested in Abuja for Alleged Child Trafficking

Two Female Suspects Arrested in Abuja for Alleged Child Trafficking

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has made a significant breakthrough in combating child trafficking with the arrest of two female suspects, Kulu Dogonyaro and Elizabeth Ojah. The apprehension occurred at Kagini junction in Abuja, where the suspects were intercepted while transporting five children under suspicious circumstances.


The FCT police, acting swiftly on information received, halted the suspects’ vehicle as it headed towards the FCT, raising immediate concerns about the welfare of the children in their custody. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Dogonyaro and Ojah were allegedly involved in the trafficking of these minors.

In a collaborative effort to ensure justice is served and the victims receive appropriate care, the FCT Police Command has transferred both the suspects and the rescued children to the Sokoto State Police Command. This move is aimed at facilitating additional investigations into the matter and pursuing necessary legal actions against the suspects.

Child trafficking remains a pressing issue globally, and law enforcement agencies continue to intensify efforts to combat this heinous crime. The arrest of Dogonyaro and Ojah underscores the commitment of authorities to safeguarding the welfare and rights of children, and serves as a warning to those involved in such illicit activities.

The FCT Police Command urges members of the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to child trafficking or exploitation. Together, through collective action and vigilance, communities can help prevent the exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable individuals, particularly children.