Speaker Abbas Revolutionizes Legislative Engagement, Says Deputy Spokesman Agbese

In a recent discourse on the AIT program ‘Democracy Today,’ Hon. Philip Agbese, Deputy Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, lauded the transformative approach of Speaker Tajudeen Abass in bridging legislative processes with the Nigerian populace.

Highlighting the significance of the recent two-day retreat themed ‘Navigating Change: Legislative Strategies for Economic Transformation,’ Agbese emphasized its pivotal role in enhancing members’ legislative acumen and fostering collaboration towards economic development and tax reforms. The retreat, he noted, served as a platform to engage critical stakeholders who typically wouldn’t participate in plenary sessions, thereby enabling valuable contributions to national issues.

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Speaker Abbas Revolutionizes Legislative Engagement, Says Deputy Spokesman Agbese

Agbese underscored the House’s commitment to continual improvement, citing the Petroleum Industry Reform Act (2021) as a prime example. He emphasized the importance of implementing and refining existing laws to uplift the welfare of citizens, attributing Speaker Abass’s leadership to the forward-thinking initiatives undertaken.

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The Deputy Spokesperson praised Abass’s inclusive leadership style, which prioritizes constructive engagement and partnership, transcending traditional legislative confines. Agbese commended Abass’s dedication to involving diverse stakeholders in legislative deliberations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of pertinent issues across sectors.

Furthermore, Agbese dispelled notions of executive dominance or confrontational approaches, highlighting the wisdom exhibited by Abass in navigating legislative affairs while safeguarding the interests of Nigerians.

In conclusion, Agbese emphasized the paramount importance of sustaining such engagements beyond the oil sector, advocating for collaborative, knowledge-based approaches in driving legislative agendas for the betterment of Nigeria. He echoed the retreat’s recommendations for Speaker Abass to continue fostering inclusive dialogues, affirming the House’s commitment to proactive, people-centric governance under Abass’s leadership.

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