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Returning President Bazoum Into Power Won’t Work – Niger Junta

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General Abdulsalami Abubakar said he was told in his meeting with Niger Junta that the issue of returning President Bazoum into power won’t work.
“He said the coup has happened successfully and President Bazoum has been ousted. So, the issue of returning him to power won’t work. He asked ECOWAS to focus on things that would better the lives of people of Niger and avoid the topic of returning Bazoum to power. He insisted that they can discuss every other thing freely, but that returning him to power should be avoided because it won’t work.”

The junta said that it might take three years to return the country to democracy.
Gen. AbdulSalami said: “It’s even better now that they are speaking unlike in the beginning of things that they never uttered a word nor allowed opportunity for dialogue. It means there’s hope for peaceful resolution of the issue. However, the information on three years time for return to democracy was contained in the report of the meeting that we presented to President Tinubu. It’s now his responsibility to discuss that and other contents in the report with his colleagues at their meeting of ECOWAS Heads of State. This, I believe, will form the basis of their further decisions on the matter.”

Did they make any form of plea to the ECOWAS through your delegation?
General said:”Yes, they appealed that the closed borders be reopened so that food and drugs, as well as other essential commodities can enter the country, stressing that, even in war situations, food and drugs, and other essential items are always allowed to enter into the troubled country not to talk of Niger that is not in war situation. They also requested that electricity be restored to the country by Nigerian government to enable socio-economic activities thrive.”

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