Retired Police Officers Rally at National Assembly, Demand Unpaid Pensions Resolution

Retired police officers participating in Nigeria’s contributory pension scheme rallied at the National Assembly in Abuja, urging swift action on outstanding pension payments and legislative reform.

Police retirees in Abuja
Retired Police Officers Rally at National Assembly, Demand Unpaid Pensions Resolution

Led by Christopher, the National Coordinator representing various state chapters, retirees voiced their frustration over the non-disbursement of entitlements by the National Pension Commission, highlighting the dire financial challenges they face.

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Expressing their distress, demonstrators called on the Federal Government to exempt them from the contributory pension scheme, citing ongoing financial hardships. This protest echoes a similar gathering in September 2021, where retired officers from 27 states converged on the National Assembly.

Carrying placards with messages denouncing the current system, protesters urged for immediate action, labeling the contributory pension scheme as detrimental to their well-being. Messages such as “NPF pension defrauding police retirees, SOS,” and “CPS is a death sentence against police!” adorned their signs, reflecting the severity of their plight.

Addressing the demonstrators, Senator Yunus Akintunde, Deputy Chairman of the Senate Committee on Police Affairs, and Hon. Makki Yalleman, Chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs, appealed for patience as the committees deliberate on the matter. They assured retirees that their concerns will be communicated to representatives for further action.

The protest underscores a growing frustration among police retirees regarding unpaid pensions, marking another chapter in their ongoing struggle for financial security and justice.

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