President Tinubu Celebrates Nigeria’s Children on Children’s Day

President Bola Tinubu marked Children’s Day with a heartfelt message celebrating Nigeria’s children as the torchbearers of the nation’s future.

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President Tinubu Celebrates Nigeria’s Children on Children’s Day

In his address, President Tinubu extended his joy to parents, guardians, and families across the country, emphasizing the importance of the family unit in nurturing values such as honesty, modesty, hard work, and charity. He highlighted the role of these values in shaping the future leaders of Nigeria.

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“Society is a reflection of each family unit,” President Tinubu said, urging the preservation of these principles to foster a wholesome, nurturing, and thriving nation.

The President assured the nation of his administration’s commitment to providing a robust foundation for Nigerian children to achieve their dreams. He highlighted recent efforts to overhaul the education system, focusing on increased investments in both human and material resources for learning.

Key initiatives include the work of the National Commission for Almajiri and Out-of-School Children Education, which aims to bring children off the streets and into classrooms. These efforts underscore the administration’s goal of expanding access to quality education for all Nigerian children.

President Tinubu also reaffirmed his dedication to creating a safe and secure learning environment, promising continued improvements in education standards.

As the nation celebrated Children’s Day, President Tinubu’s message resonated with a commitment to ensuring a brighter future for Nigeria’s young generation.

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