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(Opinion) El-Rufai seems congenitall incapable of being loyal to people who feather his aspirations. By Farook A. Kperogi

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What’s happening to El-Rufai now actually pales in comparison to the depth of his serial betrayal of his benefactors. It’s a case of live by the sword, die by the sword.

Akpabio: A Buffoon as Senate President
It’s now obvious that Godswill Akpabio is a dimwitted, cognitively vacant man-child who holds a position that’s lightyears above his intellectual and emotional paygrade. He is a total airhead who has no business being in the senate, much less being the head of it. How did we get to the point that someone who is that nescient, that brainless, and that imbecilic is senate president?

The other day, he outraged the sensibilities of a hurting nation when he mocked the poor by ridiculing the phrase “Let the poor breathe,” an earnest, intense mantra that encapsulates the dire existential desperation of the vast majority of our people who are suffocating under the weight of hard-hearted, paralyzing economic policies.

Then this week, he was caught on live TV informing senators that the clerk of the senate had sent them unspecified sums of money to facilitate the enjoyment of their forthcoming parliamentary break at a time the poor are stripped of every subsidy and told to die by instalment in the interest of a “better” tomorrow that many won’t live to see—and that won’t materialize even if they manage to survive the ongoing crunch.

When smarter crooks in the senate alerted him to the callousness of his unsolicited assault on the psyche of the poor, he took back what he said and lied that he meant that he had sent prayers to the mailboxes of senators! How do you send prayers to mailboxes? Does Akpabio think everyone is a rude, crude, buffoonish, and vulgar rube like him?

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