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Time To Stand By The Window; “Michael Scofield” Walks Freely On Nigeria Streets

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“Michael Scofield” Walks Freely On Nigeria Streets – For those of you who are familiar with the History of Several Military coups that took place in Nigeria you will understand very well that what played out on Wednesday Night was a prototype of a standard military coup in this country .

Similar events portrayed in how some roads will be blocked in Minna and electricity will be cut off at a radio station in Jos while underground take over actions will be ongoing at the Dodan Barracks .

Similarly, the attack on the presidential convoy and the prison break was simultaneous.

Nigeria Scofield - "Michael Scofield"

As we prepare for more darker days ahead , let’s diagnose our minds and imagine what was playing out behind the scenes .

The things the People in charge of our Security Infrastructure will not let you and I common Nigerians know in place of Securing the interest of National Security.

Be that as it may , a southerner with little or no knowledge of National politics and speculated ideas of hidden Government conspiracy is more likely to emerge as the next president of Nigeria.

What does the mean ? Some business deals will certainly need to be re- negotiated around the power blocs round tables or it will be business as usual ? and how will these be done ?

Remember Kabiru Sokoto, mastermind of the 2011 Christmas-Day bombing of St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madala near Abuja, killing nearly 37 worshippers?

He is among the 64 BH terrorists freed in the Kuje jail break, the other night! He was serving life. It’s his 2nd escape from custody.

The 1st, back in 2012, was from the police, 2 days after initial arrest. He was said to have escaped under the eyes of CP Zakari Biu .

Zakari Biu who’s well known for human right abuses , his whip will ring bell in the head of former president Obasanjo and Wole soyinka during the anti Abacha and pro democracy struggle.

Don’t let’s get distracted by Cp Zakari Biu and our local Micheal Scofield ( Kabiru sokoto) but let’s keep our fingers crossed as we watch our political gladiators negotiate and re- negotiates essential issues that will determine our existence and sustainability of their hegemonies .

In the meantime, let’s stay vigilant at crowded places like prayer grounds , churches, market places and of course , fuel stations .

Nigerians Stay safe.

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