APC Youth Solidarity Network Retracts Actions, Supports Ganduje, and Exposes Internal Campaigns Against the Party

In a dramatic turn of events, the APC Youth Solidarity Network has retracted its previous actions and expressed full support for the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. This significant shift was announced during a world press conference held today, where the group’s National Coordinator, Prince Danesi Momoh, addressed the media, unveiling the reasons behind their change of heart and calling for unity within the party.

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APC Youth Solidarity Network Retracts Actions, Supports Ganduje, and Exposes Internal Campaigns Against the Party

Momoh revealed that certain political actors, whom he described as “money bags,” had mobilized non-party members to organize protests against Ganduje. These individuals, he claimed, are using the media to tarnish the National Chairman’s reputation and work. Momoh advised both the media and party faithful to desist from such activities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining party unity.

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Initially, the APC Youth Solidarity Network had been at the forefront of protests demanding Ganduje’s removal. They went as far as submitting a protest letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, believing that Ganduje’s suspension by his council ward in Ganduje, Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State, was necessary to prevent potential legal setbacks similar to those experienced in Zamfara State.

Momoh explained that their initial stance was influenced by internal adversaries within the APC who misled them. These adversaries were reportedly collaborating with the opposition New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) to destabilize both the APC and President Tinubu’s administration. Upon realizing this, the group reassessed their position and decided to withdraw their call for Ganduje’s removal.

“We were brainwashed into believing that removing Ganduje was the only way to save our party,” Momoh stated. “Upon further investigation, we discovered that those pushing us against Ganduje were enemies within the party, conniving with the opposition to destabilize the APC.”

The Youth Solidarity Network is now urging all stakeholders and President Tinubu to take decisive action against those attempting to create division within the party. They emphasized the need to support Ganduje, praising his leadership for fostering internal democracy and equality within the APC.

Momoh also criticized the recent lawsuit filed by Mohammed Saidu-Etsu, a former contender for the National Chairman position, which seeks to challenge Ganduje’s appointment. He described the lawsuit as “childish” and a ploy to undermine the party’s stability.

“We believe this lawsuit is nothing more than a distraction,” Momoh said. “It is an attempt by certain individuals to destabilize the APC at a time when we should be focusing on building a stronger, more united party.”

The group issued a resounding vote of confidence in Ganduje and his leadership team. They vowed to stage a solidarity protest to demonstrate their unwavering support for Ganduje, making it clear that their previous actions were a result of being misled by internal adversaries.

“Let it be on record that we were the first to protest against the National Chairman, and we are saying we are sorry for being used against our party,” Momoh affirmed. “We shall work with the National Chairman to move our party forward, and anyone planning to cause harm should be suspended.”

This development marks a significant turning point within the APC Youth Solidarity Network. Their initial protests against Ganduje were highly publicized, and their retraction is likely to have a substantial impact on the party’s internal dynamics. The group’s apology and renewed commitment to support Ganduje are seen as efforts to mend rifts and promote unity within the party.

Observers note that this incident highlights the complex internal politics of the APC. It underscores the influence of internal adversaries and external opposition forces in shaping the actions and decisions of party members. The Youth Solidarity Network’s experience serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of vigilance and critical evaluation of motivations within political movements.

Moving forward, the APC Youth Solidarity Network is determined to play a constructive role in the party. They have committed to working closely with Ganduje and other party leaders to strengthen the APC and ensure its success in future elections.

“We have learned from our mistakes, and we are committed to doing better,” Momoh concluded. “Our goal is to support our party, uphold its values, and work towards a brighter future for the APC and Nigeria as a whole.”

The APC Youth Solidarity Network’s public retraction and apology, coupled with their pledge to support Ganduje, is expected to bolster the National Chairman’s position and contribute to greater stability within the party. As the APC navigates these internal challenges, the focus now shifts to consolidating unity and building a stronger, more cohesive political force.

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