Akpabio Champions Unity Agenda in Visit to Akwa Ibom Governor

In a bid to promote unity and progress in Akwa Ibom State, Senate President Godswill Akpabio has called upon Governor Pastor Umo Eno to prioritize unity across party lines for the advancement of the state. Akpabio emphasized the importance of avoiding political divides and instead focusing on the collective welfare of the people.

Akpabio Champions Unity Agenda in Visit to Akwa Ibom Governor

During a courtesy visit to Governor Eno’s office in Uyo on Friday, Akpabio commended the governor for his peaceful approach to governance, referring to him as a man of peace and a disciple of unity. He stressed the significance of uniting the diverse populace of Akwa Ibom for the state’s development, highlighting the need for inclusive governance.

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Reflecting on his own tenure as governor, Akpabio underscored the significance of appointing individuals to key positions based on merit rather than political affiliations. He encouraged Governor Eno to adopt a similar approach and to be courageous in implementing policies that benefit the state, regardless of their origin.

Furthermore, Akpabio advised Governor Eno to navigate governance with bravery, compassion, and discernment, likening the role to that of a skilled surgeon. He cautioned against inheriting the conflicts of previous administrations and urged the governor to forge his own path, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced leadership style.

Expressing admiration for the infrastructure and maintenance initiatives observed during his visit, Akpabio pledged the Federal Government’s support for Akwa Ibom State’s development endeavors. He assured Governor Eno of the National Assembly’s willingness to consider the state’s requests for intervention.

In response, Governor Eno expressed gratitude for the visit and reaffirmed his commitment to collaborating with the Federal Government and Senate President Akpabio for the state’s progress. He emphasized the need for unity among political leaders and reiterated his dedication to advancing the welfare of Akwa Ibom residents.

Governor Eno acknowledged the contributions of past leaders to the state’s development and pledged to uphold their legacies while implementing new infrastructural projects where necessary. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and solidarity in achieving shared goals for the state’s advancement.

The meeting between Senate President Akpabio and Governor Eno signifies a renewed commitment to unity and collaboration in Akwa Ibom State, with both leaders affirming their dedication to fostering development and prosperity for all residents

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